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robotic knee replacement is a minimally invasive surgery where robotic systems assist the surgeon in performing the knee replacement. Before the surgery, the surgeon uses advanced imaging techniques like MRI and CT scans to create a 3-D model of the patient’s knee.

This gives surgeons detailed information before planning the surgery. The robotic systems provide surgeons with real-time feedback and assistance during the surgery. Though robotic systems are valuable, the surgeon’s skill matters greatly when using them. Surgeons have to undergo specialized training to learn how to use robotic systems. 

Robotic Knee Replacement in India: Cost Breakdown for our Readers

Knee replacement surgery is common for people with severe knee pain due to arthritis or other joint-related issues. While traditional knee replacement in India has been the standard treatment for decades, robotic knee replacement in India has taken over due to its precision and accuracy. 

Here, we have done the cost breakdown for both the procedures so that our readers can have a better understanding: 

Traditional Knee Replacement in India: Bilateral TKR (Cost Breakdown)

  • Cost of OPD evaluation – 300 USD 
  • Cost of the surgical package – 5800 USD 
  • Cost of the post-follow-up and rehabilitation – 200 USD 
  • Cost of Hotel for 10 days – 200 USD 
  • Conveyance is complimentary 

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Total cost of traditional knee replacement in India: 6000 USD to 9000 USD 

Cost breakdown for Robotic Knee Replacement in India: Bilateral TKR 

  • Cost of OPD evaluation – 500 USD 
  • Cost of the surgical package – 7500 USD 
  • Cost of the post-follow-up and rehabilitation – 200 USD 
  • Cost of Hotel for 10 days – 200 USD 
  • Conveyance is complimentary 

Total Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India: 7500 USD to 10500 USD 

What factors affect the cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India?

  • The cost will be higher if the hospital is in a metro city in India and is JCI accredited. 
  • Surgeons skilled in using advanced robotic systems will charge you more for the surgery. 
  • The total cost of robotic knee replacement surgery in Delhi also depends on the type and the quality of implants used. High-quality and branded implants will cost you more. 
  • The cost also depends on the type of robotic system used.
  • Cost also depends on the make and model of implants. Indian implants are cheaper than US or German-made. 
  • The pre-diagnostic tests and the doctor’s consultation also add to the cost of robotic knee replacement in India.
  • Post-operative care also influences the cost, that is, the physiotherapy sessions needed by the patient after the surgery, 

Since India only charges a fraction of what Western countries’ hospitals cost, a huge crowd has shifted to seek robotic joint surgery from India’s top robotic joint replacement surgeons. The cost may vary depending on the diagnosis and conditions of the patients and the facilities availed. 

In the absence of robotic surgery, patients would undergo strictly open surgery, which is associated with more blood loss and longer hospital stays. Robotic joint surgery provides cutting-edge advantages for those patients who have been suffering from unbearable joint pain for years or so.

Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Top Hospitals in India

Hospital Best Doctor Cost Of Unilateral Surgery Cost of Bilateral Surgery
Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, {JCI} Dr Anil Arora 5000$ 7500$
CK Birla Hospital, Delhi,{ NABH} Dr. Ashwani Maichand  4400$ 7400$
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital  Dr Yash Gulati  6000$ 10500$
Venkateshwar Hospital  Dr Vibhore Singhal  4800$ 8000$
Marengo Asia, Gurugram,


Dr Hemant Sharma  4700$ 7500$

 How can Cross Border Care Help you? 

We are the best medical consultants if you are an international patient seeking affordable robotic knee replacement surgery in India. When you contact us, we will send you details of our package, including what services will be included and excluded from the total cost and the complementary services we provide to our international friends. 

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